How I Work

I’m sure you have some questions about how I work.  Hopefully the information below will answer everything, but if you have any questions at all please get in touch!

Where Are You Based?

I am based in beautiful, sunny Devon.  I shoot weddings all over Devon and parts of Cornwall.

What Type of Photography Do You Do?

I love emotive photography that truly captures the feel of the day and the love between our couples. For the most part, I work in a very unobtrusive documentary style, capturing the day as it unfolds naturally. For the couple portraits, I draw on my knowledge of composition and light, and offer gentle guidance and direction to help make you and your photographs their most beautiful.  My aim is to capture the spark between the two of you and I like to keep it natural, relaxed and uncontrived.

All I ask is that you trust me and just be…….Be in love……. Be in the moment…….Be sincere…….Be happy…….Be with each other…….

I will be looking at the light and what it is doing to your faces, and I’ll ensure that you are positioned at the right angle to each other so you both look AMAZING. I’ll prompt you to tickle, snuggle, whisper and cuddle.  You’ve already said you love my photographs, but each and every one has been carefully considered and composed, yet still looks beautiful and natural. Because it is. Because the love and sweetness between each couple is genuine; I just had a hand in the composition.

We promise that the sheer joy and elation you are feeling will ensure radiant, stunning photos; we’re just here to make sure they are the best photographs they can be.

If the couple portraits are of a priority to you both, I request at least 40 minutes with you excluding travel times.  This is to ensure that I am able to deliver a range of images similar to that on my website.  If the couple portraits aren’t a priority and you really want to enjoy the party with your guests that’s totally fine; it’s your day so just let me know what your priorities are in terms of photographic coverage.

Do You Take Family Group Shots?

Photography styles have changed so much over the past few years, but one thing that every couple will always want is group shots, and for good reason. Weddings are one of the only occasions where you have a chance to celebrate surrounded by all of your loved ones, and you’ll want to remember that! Timing is vital. 

If mingling with your guests during the drinks reception is something you’re really looking forward to, you don’t really want to be stood getting photo after photo taken for an hour.  The less time you need for group shots, the longer you can spend having fun! 

I encourage my couples to keep group photos to a minimum, as they always take far longer than you might think. It normally takes about half an hour to do ten photographs of small groups. This might seem like a hugely long time, but by the time it takes for people to totter over in heels, granny/granddad to make their way over and the inevitable chatting and congratulations between the people in each group, these photographs always take much longer than you think. Normally we advise keeping them to the immediate family such as:

  • Newlyweds with Parents
  • Newlyweds with Parents and siblings
  • Newlyweds with Grandparents
  • Newlyweds with bridal party

Do You Capture Both of Us Getting Ready?

If the two of you are getting ready in the same location, I can totally capture both of your morning preparations.  If you’re getting ready in different places and you want both mornings documented, you will need a second shooter.

Do You Work From a Shot List?

No. I capture the moments as they happen. However, do please make me aware of any special and important details you’ve included in the wedding.

I will send you an email with some questions before the big day, covering various details such as timings of ceremony and the reception etc.  I’ll also ask you to list any special details (heirloom brooches / custom cufflinks etc) included in the day that you want to be photographed.  This is so I provide you with the best possible service and am aware of all the important details, so I can keep an eye out for them!

What if It's Raining?

This is England- there’s a good chance there will be rain on your wedding day!! However, Devon’s stunning landscape truly come alive when it is raining. The greens are greener, the skies are gloriously moody – and it’s all crying out for you to come be photographed within its beauty! Bring some comfy footwear and a warm blanket to snuggle into. 

I love nothing more than hiking across the barley fields, traipsing through daisy filled meadows and being blown away by the insanely gorgeous coast.  My couples are always glad they went the extra mile to get “that” shot.

However, if it really is utterly torrential, I will of course not be asking you to go out in it. We’ll head indoors, slow things down and do some more controlled shots inside. Be prepared to run outside for a few minutes if there’s a break in the weather though!

Will Our Wedding Be Featured on Your Blog or Other Social Media?

Yes.  I feature weddings on my website so that future couples can get a good idea about how I go about capturing the day. In turn your wedding may be seen by a wedding blog such as Rock my Wedding or One Fab Day who may request to share it on their site. You put so much effort and thought into your day, isn’t it lovely to know that your creativity and love is helping and inspiring other couples planning their wedding? Of course if you really don’t want to share your wedding at all, you must let me know from the start.

Should We Get a Videographer?

Photos, as gorgeous as they may be, are stills; a video will bring your wedding and loved ones to life for your children and grandchildren in a completely different way to the photographs. However, it is so important for your enjoyment for the day that you choose someone who will not be intrusive. Someone who documents the beauty and happiness of the day in a documentary and creative fashion without you feeling like you’re on a film set. So please do not choose lightly. I can wholeheartedly recommend the following videographers, who each have their own style, but are all equally unintrusive and fabulous to work with.

Ray from http://www.raymcshanefilms.com/
Christopher from http://babalufilmscornwall.co.uk/


I often get asked about how and when images are delivered, and how copyright works.

How Many Photo's Will We Recieve?

The number of photographs you will receive will depend on many things, including the number of guests, type of event, hours of coverage.

Usually you can expect 250+ images.  Each image is individually edited and colour tweaked with my unique Lightroom formula, to ensure they look amazing and are consistent.  Your photographs will be unwatermarked and of a high resolution, ready for printing.

Can We Get More Photo's on Top of Your Selection?

Using a set of criteria, I determine if a photo is worthy of the collection, and if it is, it will be included in the selection of photographs you receive.  Any photos that do not make the final selection will not be shown or made available.

When Do We Get Our Images?

You will get a link to your online slideshow eight weeks after your wedding.  Your online gallery will be available a couple of days later.  When you receive your online gallery, I strongly advise that you download them and make a back up of your images. Due to storage space we hold images for a limited time.

Wedding albums are created during the winter months.

How Does the Copyright Work?

You will be provided with high-resolution digital files on a via an online gallery.  You can make unlimited personal copies, prints, and albums for your friends and families.  However, Butterfly Photography retains the copyright to the images and the right to use them for promotional purposes, competitions, online website, and professional review.

Can We Have the RAW Files?

With digital cameras becoming more popular, more and more people are talking about RAW files and there’s often a mistaken belief that this simply means a better quality file.  The RAW files are in fact just that; RAW data and as such we don’t release them to clients.  The finished JPEG files we deliver will be perfect for printing, albums and sharing online.

Booking and Payment

So, if you feel that I’m a good fit, here’s how to secure your date….

How Do We Secure Your Services for Our Date?

Booking is really simple. All you need to do is give us a quick email to say you’d like to book. A £300 non-refundable booking fee, along with a signed copy of my terms and conditions secures your date in the diary.

When Do We Pay You the Balance?

The final amount is due thirty days before the wedding.

What Payment Methods Do You Accept?

My preferred method of payment is a bank transfer.  If you’re abroad and a bank transfer is difficult, you can use online services such as transferwise which handle the exchange rates for you; you just tell them the total required in sterling.

I’m afraid I don’t take paypal or card payments.

Do You Offer Discounts or Special Offers?

As I only book a small number of weddings in the year, dates are exclusive and highly sought after, and thus I cannot offer discounts for peak dates.  

However if you are getting married mid week (Monday to Thursday), get in touch and I may be able to offer a slight discount.

Are There Any Additional Travel Charges?

Travel throughout Devon and Cornwall is included within my prices.  If your wedding is further afield get in touch and we can talk about the additional travel and accommodation costs that may be involved.

Is There a Contract?

Yes, the terms of my insurance require me to have a contract with each and every client.  In conjunction with the deposit, the date is not considered booked until I receive a signed contract.

We Love All This. Can You Hold Our Date?

Sorry no; I can’t hold dates without a booking fee and signed T&C’s. It isn’t fair and only leads to heartache. The date is considered booked and yours once I receive the booking fee and a signed contract.

Do You Require Dinner?

If coverage continues until the first dance, I would really appreciate some nibbles.  When you are eating, I will not be taking photographs, so a quick bite would keep my energy levels up for all the evening dancing.  It doesn’t have to be what you’re eating – a simple soup and sandwich would be great.  Most venues will expect this and are very accommodating.

Do You Have Back up Equipment?

I use professional grade Canon equipment, but just in case anything was to go wrong I bring back up camera body, lenses and flashes to every wedding.

Do You Have Insurance?

Yes, I am fully insured with equipment, public liability and professional indemnity coverage.