Ashling here! Born and raised in the gorgeous sunny south east of Ireland, I’m a complete softie when it comes to furry cute things (that’s my very own fur-ball, Scruffy!). I adore finding a remote corner of the beach and spending the afternoon with my eyes closed listening to the waves crashing on the shore-line. Terrified of actually BEING in the sea – don’t like not knowing what’s lurking underneath me! Love cooking for family and friends – we’re a family of feeders! But you better like garlic if you’re coming over for dinner!! Trained as an architect, but discovered a love of photography after our own wedding.


Dan’s turn!! Originally from Devon, I grew up in the ocean and so I don’t get Ashling’s crazy fear of the sea!  Warm, friendly people and lots of open space suits me down to the ground.  Give me a big G&T and an even bigger steak and I’m yours but you can keep your ketchup; it’s a mayo only household. I must spend my life looking look cold as people love buying me jumpers for Christmas. I’m typically out-ranked by the dog, but I tend to be more useful than him at weddings; he’s not great at carrying stuff and doesn’t understand f-stops..

We both LOVE a great wedding – there’s electricity in the air. You can feel the warmth and love radiating from everyone in the room. Weddings are a real celebration of relationships; not just between the newlyweds, but also with parents and grandparents, childhood friends, cousins……well, just about everyone you wanted to celebrate with! As people move away to work, and lives get busy, for many people family weddings are the only time they get to catch up with everyone. We get all warm and fuzzy inside seeing people who haven’t seen each other in months, or even years, catch up and natter as if yesterday they were doing the same thing. We’re thrilled that it is our job to capture all the love and smiles.